Entry #22

1st try at resin casting

2017-07-11 10:40:40 by torithefox

Everything went better than expected besides spilling resin everywhere and wasting half a cup

I'll open preorders for stuff soon


as you can see I dented the clay version during mold setup which passed onto the mold. I have to remake it anyway since oomoo silicone isnt good for stuff like this and the mold is already falling apart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Store link

Upd8: My clay is apparently contaminated and wont work with platinum-cure silicone(switched to it cause its longer lasting), so one of my figures was ruined. The others are still good atleast

Another upd8: despite being careful I alrays get bubbles in the mold so I'm just remaking things in polymer clay so I can send it to a pro to be molded fml


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2017-07-11 11:43:05

Nice! I like it! ^^


2017-09-06 07:14:09

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