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1st try at resin casting

2017-07-11 10:40:40 by torithefox

Everything went better than expected besides spilling resin everywhere and wasting half a cup

I'll open preorders for stuff soon


as you can see I dented the clay version during mold setup which passed onto the mold. I have to remake it anyway since oomoo silicone isnt good for stuff like this and the mold is already falling apart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Store link

Upd8: My clay is apparently contaminated and wont work with platinum-cure silicone(switched to it cause its longer lasting), so one of my figures was ruined. The others are still good atleast

Another upd8: despite being careful I alrays get bubbles in the mold so I'm just remaking things in polymer clay so I can send it to a pro to be molded fml

Made a level kit

2017-05-21 11:06:35 by torithefox


People are always asking me to make art for their game but dont want to pay for it so I'm making some asset packs. If 10 people buy it i'll make back almost half the time I spent working on it lol 

It's 10$ and has everything needed to make a basic cutesy platformer level. I'll have a playable demo of my test level once I figure out a few code things. Next pack will probably be a forest or cave.


2017-05-05 17:59:20 by torithefox

Or "figures" if you want to be a big boy


I ordered some silicone, will prob only be enough to make 2-3 things, but here’s all the finished candidates! Lil lynx is the only one guaranteed to be molded.

The bird on the right is a toff, I was thinking of making a mold using leftover material but idk how well they’ll sell. It’d be a simple, small fluffy doll. I’m open to ideas on small pendant/magnet ideas to use excess material on! 

I run a discord server for makers/fans of stuff like this! This is also where I post the most wips of these things

Watch me swoosh right in

2017-04-15 19:53:16 by torithefox

Mostly making this to move the last post off my page(becasue people keep thinking it's somehow related to my colabinator listing??)

Anyways lately I've been working on clay figures to make molds of. I mostly post about it on my patreon(both paid and free posts cause I don't like paywalls but need some incentive) and crafty discord. It will be a million years before I can actually cast anything tho since I can't afford a dehumidifier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I started using gamemaker again and decided to make a scrolling shooter. I haven’t settled on a story yet, but so far I have 2 playable characters, 2 level themes and 3 bosses.

This is an animation test of one of the bosses. He laughs and tries to smack the player with his tails. The bg was just a placeholder for the sideview stages.


If you want to see updates more often, consider supporting me on patreon! It allows me to spend more time on stuff like this rather than all the furry commissions I don't post here. Also I post wips and stuff.

If you get the ref ur a cool dude

But yeah I went on artist welfare to fund more frequent personal art. You can throw me a dollar every month to see all the stuff I sketch and dont finish. 4 dollars more will also get you a monthly sketch. And if enough people give me their hard earned cash I'll do some raffles.

Some tips on rewards and stuff would be cool. PSD files are impractical cause I tend to merge my layers halfway through.

Making a game!

2015-07-17 19:19:47 by torithefox

[EDIT] We found a programmer. We could always use more help though.(I know next to nothing about putting animations together in unity)

I've been working with therealmadhatter on a adventure game that takes place in a hourglass. So far we have a few models, many character concepts and a in progress scene set up in unity.

The illustrated background is a placeholder. I wanted to focus on the things inside the hourglass at the moment.


Neither of us have any experience in programming(I'm slowly trying to learn), So if anyone has experience in unity and would like to help do contact us!




Made a Scetchfab!

2015-02-28 19:05:08 by torithefox

Now you can see my models in 3d view! I may upload every model I've made at some point, theres alot of editing that needs to be done first tho...

I have no work for you

2014-12-13 14:07:17 by torithefox

guys pls 

If you read the ad it says i"m for hire not I'm looking to hire.

Also if you think you're being edgy sending some random shit you're not cause it's been done several times before.


tfw no friends

2014-07-12 11:33:42 by torithefox

I put my skype up so I can possibly have more than 2 people to talk to(tho I have like 0 interests which is probably why nobody talks to me)

Oh boy I can't wait for all the 13 yr old edgemaster spam